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Adopt Your Own Olive Tree

It's about the healthy pleasures in life!

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How it works


Your Own Tree

Pick your tree. Every tree is numbered based on its geographical location. 

We confirm the registration of your tree by email. 

Your Own Harvest

From October to January your farmer start (early) harvesting your olives.


We will send you a newsletter regularly so you can enjoy the whole farm and process online!


You want to experience some of it locally ? Send us an email. We are proud of our sustainable way of working and let you taste the best Greece has to offer.

Your own EVOO

Your Extra- Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) will be pressed using all our quality crafting standards and filtered naturally in the Elietsa cellars. In spring your own olive oil is shipped in a special box. We will make sure you can share your produce with friends and family



A new norm for Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Thanks to your participation in the olive tree adoption program we will be able to take care of your olive tree in the most sustainable way; A new fair chain that respects nature and our planet and create better prices and valuable jobs at our farms.

A radical new norm for this very traditional food industry.

Read more on our mission here

Elietsa_circulair farming.png

Fresh From the bio-circular Olive farms

to Your Kitchen


The Making of....

The Adopt-an-Olive-Tree program is a project by This means that the olives from your tree are crafted by our organic farms, circulair and early harvest cultivation methods. The extra-virgin oil is pressed cold and sustainable by our connected mills.

We make sure you can follow the whole process online. You are in control of making your own extra-virgin olive oil!


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Circular Crafted

Our circular cultivation method is unique for the olive oil industry. Its called the Vlyssides method. It creates the new EVOO fair chain, as shown at this page. Joining the adoption program means your support our new norm for how olive oil should be made; zero waste, sustainable and fully transparant. It impacts your health, our nature and our planet. 

Our Elietsa Olive Yards received in april 2021, two Extra Virgin Olive Oil stars and an innovation award for this new cultivation method from the Global Olive Oil Awards organisation and experts in Berlin. 

We are proud to enter with you a new era of olive oil makers, as pronounced by the GOOA organization



Cook Your Meals with Your-Own 


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