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About Our Olive Grove

The Dampolia family acquired another piece of land in 2018 for the adopt-an-olive tree program. The ancient trees on this land, with the renown Koroneiki olive type is cultivated not only organically, its has adopted the circular Vlyssides method while continuing our tradition of producing authentic and quality, dating back to early 1900's.


Each year visitors stop by our Olive Orchards at the Peloponnese with their families and loved ones to taste our 'liquid gold' , creating lasting memories together. It has been a privilege to welcome these visitors and we are honoured to be a part of their family traditions.


We strive to operate our traditional Olive Orchard honourably and with the utmost respect to provide our customers with an amazing adoption-experience, every time. Whether you want to purchase fresh products or experience nature at its best, we look forward to serving you.

  • For how long can I keep my olive tree?
    Your tree is your tree as long as you like. You pay once a year the annual adoption fee (EUR 79) and you can cancel your adoption membership at any time. By adopting the olive trees from the Elietsa Adopt-an-olive-tree program, you control what you eat and that it's healthy. At the same time your adoption helps us to expand the circular cultivation method. With this method we reuse the waste of the olive press, recycled in a special soil conditioner and applied to our Adopt-an-olive-Tree orchard. It save hazardous waste dumps. So your adoption, directly helps to save the planet. Its what we call circular cultivation and full transparancy, something what we haven't seen any other olive oil brand doing however we, together, aim to stimulate to culitvate and produce following this new norm.
  • Can I follow the harvest and maintenance of my tree?
    Yes! When you have registered an account on the Elietsa website, we make sure you can follow and experience online every step to get you your super-healthy, extra-virgin olive oil: Maintenance: We prune, we condition the soil, we clean your tree. we send you the pics (Early) Harvest: We show you on the exact day when we harvest, this is done early in the season (november/december) to guarantee your extra-virgin and phenolic quality. Again we don't scream from the label, we show you 'real-time'! Pressing: We show you live capture on how your olives turn into your own liquid gold. No chemicals added! Storage: we store your oil unfiltered. It keeps the quality superb! YES, you receive your box with your own olive oil. 5 liters quaranteed Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the Elietsa Orchards. We send your box around April/May. Make sure that we follow agricultural logic in collecting and pressing the olive trees. We are dealing with nature and for any reason when your harvest from your tree is scarce, we ensure your 5 liter evoo production as we mitigate the risks by the evoo production of the whole olive orchard. In case of any unforseeable (nature) disaster and we cannot deliver, we will communicate this to you personally and refund the annual payment for your tree-adoption
  • Can I visit my tree?
    Yes! You certainly will. As a valued team member, we'd be happy to welcome you and give you a tour to the farm, orchards and (when in-season) the olive press mill. Through your account & membership you let us know (please give notice 14 days in advance) to organize your visit.
  • Are there any other events when we visit?
    Most certainly. we want to give you, your family and/or friends an ultimate Olive Oil experience when you visit. We want to convey our dedication to nature and healthy eating. We do this by a variety of events. As a member we work personally with you to shape the events to your liking. Please visit when you live in Netherlands. For english speaking members go to opr join our eleostasion facebook page. On all these online sites you can find events which are organized with one central theme: Eat Well, Live Well.
  • Can we participate in this program with our company, colleagues or my restaurant?"
    You certainly can ! With your participation, you help us to make impact; We want to help not only ourselves but any business to think, work and cook more sustainable. Help us to be good to our earth, our nature, our planet!
  • Are there any additional costs on top of the annual adoption fee?
    The adoption fee may change per year. As transparant as we are, we will always explain why. Please remember our mission to aim to create better living standards for our special farmers. Our price is very competitive for this quality of olive oil and we want to make sure our farmers keep investing and more farmers will join our network and programs. its how we make change for the better. Shipping cost differ per country. Countries may apply duties. If you want to adopt a tree and you live outside Netherlands, Germany and Belgium, please drop us an email at We can tell you the latest updates on shipping costs and duties. Signing up with us is always free. Even if you are not ordering, we appreciate your support and we'll keep you up to date how we make the food world a tastier and healthier place!
  • Do you have a privacy policy
    For our adopt-an-olive-tree program and this site we keep the same privacy policy as When you sign up or simply leave your email address at this site, we will only communicate you regarding this program. You can always unsubscribe.
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